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About Us

SGT cold welding machines has been supplied world-wide to the wire & cable industry for more than 30 years.

Cold pressure welding is the simplest and most cost-efficient method for connections in electrical coils from copper and aluminum strips with connection bars or leads without using heat, fillers or fluxes. Round wire sections, dissimilar materials and materials of different sizes can all be cold welded with SGT cold welding technology. A cold weld joint is generally stronger than the parent material and has the same electrical characteristics.

The surfaces of wires are cold welded together under high pressure at room temperature, which results in molecular bonds that were highly durable and reliable. In order to obtain an good weld all contaminants like oxides, oils, chemicals etc must be removed, only clean surfaces should be brought together. SGT cold welding machine achieve this by using a multiple upset technique which ejects the contaminated material from the weld zone eliminating the need for any special preparation.

A wide range of cold pressure welding machines are available covering applications from rod and strips to fine wire. Aluminium and copper can be cold pressure welded together in any combination (Al-Al, Al-Cu, Cu-Cu). SGT offers a facility for test welding customers’ material to confirm its suitability for cold welding.

SGT welding dies are of the industry standard type and can customize according your specifications of some special wires. Also our welding dies are suitable for the similar of cold pressure welder for other manufacturer.

SGT Conductors and cables welding machine are specially designed for the effective joining of conductor and cable as well as sector-shaped and solid conductors of aluminum and copper using the chamber welding process, this creates a homogeneous, pore and burr-free joint.

Thanks for your keeping support of our company. We firmly believe that "Credit quality is the foundation of success", and we are committed to work for better products to satisfy the top quality standard of global market requirements. We will be your most trusted cooperator.

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